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Knights of Columbus 7880

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Pancake Breakfast Introduction

The Pancake Breakfast provided by the Knights of Columbus 7880 at Ave Maria Catholic Church is a great social event and a good way to eat a super breakfast. We offer the breakfast once every quarter of the year. The breakfast includes pancakes, sausages, eggs, biscuits and brown gravy, coffee and juice. It is served after the Sunday 7:30 AM and before the 9:30 AM mass.

This event requires many volunteers. Volunteers should arrive no later than 7 AM. Duties include dining hall support to setup tables and chairs, place mats on tables, place syrup, salt and pepper shakers on tables, clean tables when needed, keep juice, coffee and water stations filled at all times. After the event the hall needs to be cleaned, tables and chairs must be returned back to the original condition of the dinning hall.

Kitchen support includes making pancake, eggs, sausages, biscuits and brown gravy. A dishwasher to keep utensils, pots and pans and other items used for the event. Paper products and plastic utensils are user used by the patrons. Members to serve food items based on the customer orders. Members to call out orders. Members to collect funds for the events.

When arriving at the dining hall the project manager will assign you to a station. If for any reason you must leave the event (i.e. to attend the 9:30 AM mass) notify the manager. 

If there is some family members or friends who would like to help then you as a member volunteer for a position and in the Helpers field enter the guest name and position they would like to support. For example, I want to volunteer for the Pancake Coker and my son 'John' wants to volunteer for the Hall Cleanup position then I sign in and volunteer for the Pancake position and in the Helpers field type in John - hall cleanup.

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