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Knights of Columbus 7880

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Lenten Fish Fry Introduction

The Lenten Fish Fry is one of the biggest charitable events for the Knights of Columbus 7880 organization. Every Friday during the Lent Season the Knights offer a commnity dinner. The member events starts around 8 AM with the preperation of the fish filets. About 10 members are needed to cut fish filets into strips which will be fried later in the afternoon. A couple of these members will also be appointed to buttering filets for baking and make cole slaw. Usually the preperation time is about 1 hour. Early in the afternoon, around 12 PM, Brownstein Hall needs to be setup. Approximately 40 sets of table and chairs are setup around the hall. About 10 members are needed for this support. The Fish Fry manager will instruct the members how they are to be arranged. Tables will be setup along the East wall which will be used for beverages and claim chowder. Tables will also be setup on the north wall near the kitchen entrance. These tables will be used for contiments, coffee, water and lemonade beverages. Tables are also setup on the on the North wall near the hall entrance. These tables will be used by the Ladies Auxillary to sell desserts. The setup time is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Members are needed for the main event at 4:30 PM. We ask that the members arrive at 3:30 PM. There are approximately 30 different positions which range from kitchen helpers to cook food, serve food, take orders and dishwashing. Outside members take orders and run tickets into the kitchen. Hall members help clean tables as patrons leave, maintain drink and condiment station, run refreshment table and serve claim chowder. The Fish Fry manager will assign members to the available positions.