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Knights of Columbus 7880

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Memorial Day Introduction

Memorial Day is day to remember those have given the ultimate sacrifice to their country. The event is held in the Parker Cemetery on Monday, {{sc_date_read.data.query.memorial_date.formatDate('MM/dd/yyyy')}} at 10 AM. Our participation on this day is to assist parking cars on the grounds of the cemetery. For those personal who participate in the ceremony their car is parked on the front portion of the grounds, all others are parked on the back side of the cemetery. 

All Knights of Columbus volunteers will meet at 8:30 AM. You will be assigned a position on the grounds of the cemetery to help direct cars. Once the ceremony starts you can view the activity but when it completes you need to be back at the assigned position to direct the cars out. 

From experience over the years cars should be parked with the front of the vehicle facing out to an empty path between rows. When the event is over drivers are directed to exit in an orderly manor. A Knight member will be at the end of both sides of the parking paths. Cars will drive south from their parking space to the end of the path. They will be directed east and then north to the entry way of the cemetery grounds. From there they will be directed by the Parker Police to drive south on Parker Road. 

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