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Knights of Columbus 7880

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Memorial Day Volunteer

This year's Memorial Day event will be held on {{sc_read_date.data.query.memorial_date.formatDate('MM/dd/yyyy')}} at 10 AM. The Knights of Columbus 7880 should arrive no later than 8:30 AM we will be responsible for parking cars before the ceremony and also leading traffic out of the cemetary.

Two areas are used to park all cars. The front area next to Parker road up to the ceremony stage will be used to park special guest, Knights of Columbus 4th Level members who participate in the ceremony, any car containing a person who participates in the ceremony, and all handicap visitors.

The remaining cars will be parked in the back behind the tombstones in a wide open field. Cars should be parked with their backs against one another in rows. In the front of the cemetary this results in four rows. This arrangement allows quick departure after the ceremony is completed. All cars will exit their row to the south where there will be Knight who will direct them into the line of traffic exiting. The exiting traffic will be on the south side of the cemetary proceeding to the East and then to the North where you will directed to exit the cemetary onto Parker road south.

If you would like to Volunteer for this event click the Yes button.

Please review the Memorial Day Report for updated listing of volunteers.