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Free Throw Competition Introduction

The Free Throw Competition occurs once a year at Ave Maria Catholic Church. It is held in January (dates vary). All students (boys and girls) can register and compete throwing basketballs. Each gender competes throwing free throws. Groups are formed by age. Winners of each group will advance to district finals. 

This event requires about 12 volunteers. Volunteers should arrive no later than 7:45 AM. Duties include scorer and rebounder for 4 sperate hoops. Additional help will be needed for check in and other duties. 

Volunteers are required to sign in at the front door of the school. You will be met by the Free Throw Manager and brought over to the gym where the competition will occur. The free throw manager will provide a list of registered students. This listing will be used to be sure the correct student has been called to compete. 

To volunteer to help with this event click here.